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TAP Certificate in Digital Transformation

Now more than ever, L&D leaders are required to become an essential part of the digital transformation strategy – Recognised as the expert in supporting the implementation of learning solutions, including those that enhance the successful introduction of new technology. The L&D leader is seen as the focal point within L&D team/function who collectively are expected to add value to the process of up-skilling learners in the use of digital technology.

Introduction of new technology based platforms into an organisation is often decided and implemented without fully considering the employees ability to both learn the new technology and additionally adapt to the change in their role.

Often the focus can be on the technology itself, without considering the impact of those who actually will use it. This course covers the benefits of early involvement for the L&D leader in digital projects and allows them to consider techniques that can support the employees, business leaders and stakeholders.

The result? The opportunity to create a positive impact and more effectively help to implement the introduction of digital technologies. Ensuring the L&D function is seen as a key and integral supporter of digital transformation by acting as a strategic partner and therefore an essential part of any digital implementation.

This course is designed to help L&D leaders gain the skills and techniques to be recognised by the organisation as an effective leader, project partner and learning solutions specialist who is able to motivate their own team, support project stakeholders and appreciate the skill-sets and mind-sets of employees who are required to learn new skills.

Who is it for?

Participants should be aspiring or actual L&D leaders who wish to articulate how to fully support the digital transformation of existing processes.

Those who lead an L&D function that wish to support and guide their learners and own team members when developing learning solutions based around digital transformation.

Those who wish to understand stakeholder relationships when supporting the implementation of digital technology.

L&D leaders that are aspiring to raise the profile of L&D and its ability to support the strategies of the organisation.

What delegates will learn

  • Defining digital transformation
  • Consider what digital transformation means within their own organisation
  • Recognise the eight key elements to digital transformation
  • Considerations required for the learner
  • The role of L&D in digital transformation
  • The skill set required of an L&D leader
  • The ability to influence
  • Managing the change of digital transformation

Next steps

  • Leading the L&D Function
  • Leading a Business Driven L&D Strategy
  • Managing Learning Transfer

Course Prerequisites

Ideally, participants will have attended the Leading the L&D Function, Managing Learning Transfer, and Developing a Business Driven L&D Strategy but this is not mandatory.

Each participant must consider the potential introduction of new technology within their organisations and the skill set they need for success.

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