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Managing Your Future Workforce

“I have been adopted by the millennials, and I'm enjoying every minute of it! I'm learning a new language.”
Maxine Waters, American politician

There are many perceptions about younger workers, especially so-called ‘millennials’. It seems many leaders of industry have something negative to say about them, describing them as entitled, lazy, selfish or even greedy.

In truth, most young employees are serious, thoughtful and hardworking. Like many people at their age they may lack experience in the workplace, so it’s important that managers know how to engage with them so that they can learn and perform to their best.

By bringing our own world to work and working with younger people, we are creating a new world – where we learn from them and vice versa.

Common concerns we hear from people who attend this course include:

  • How do I communicate with, manage and lead younger employees?
  • How do I bridge the ‘generation gap’?
  • I don’t understand millennials! How can I manage them effectively?
  • How can I get the best from my younger employees, and how can I retain them?

This Develop-level workshop is about understanding how your younger employees think and act, as well as why, so you can adapt your management and leadership style to ensure you communicate with, manage and lead them effectively.

Younger employees may need more management than leadership, and you’ll definitely need to be flexible in your style and approach.

We’ll explore the difference between the current generations in the workplace, learning new and flexible approaches to communication and leadership.

Target Audience

This Develop-level course is aimed at anyone who manages and leads younger employees, including graduates and apprentices, and who wants to get the best out of them.

If you’re new to management, you might also want to consider our first-line manager courses, such as Stepping up to Management or Managing Technical Teams.

Course Prerequisites

Delegates are asked to complete a short questionnaire and reflective questions before attending the workshop.

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