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DevOps Engineer Level 4 (England)

DevOps Engineers are focused on implementing and facilitating the use of DevOps practices within a business. This encompasses multiple stages of the software development life cycle, automating processes around development, testing and release for continuous integration of new features, and subsequent continuous delivery of a product.

DevOps Engineers will typically work as part of a larger team and will need context of both the development and technical operations aspects of a project in order to streamline communication between teams. They are expected to interpret design documentation and specifications defined and delivered by specialist members of the team, such as a business analyst or technical architect.

DevOps Engineers need:

  • Strong logical reasoning and problem-solving skills
  • A methodical, step-by-step approach
  • Attention to detail
  • Business skills like effective communication, teamwork and task/time management
  • The ability to troubleshoot issues where needed
  • The ability to work under direction, use discretion and determine when to escalate issues

To help you determine whether a candidate (a new hire or existing employee) will be working in a suitable job role to successfully complete this programme, you must be able to answer “yes” to the following questions.

  • Will they be doing a full-time technical role revolving around coding, operations and the cloud?
  • Will they be responsible for infrastructure and code pipeline projects and tasks?
  • Will they be responsible for writing scripts and automation tasks?
  • Will they be responsible for project-wide environment management both locally and in the cloud?
  • Will they be responsible with deployment of code into enterprise environments?
  • Will they be actively involved with coding in at least one programming language?
  • Will they be working with databases and connecting to databases?

Course Prerequisites

Entry requirements:

  • Level 3 Software apprenticeship, or​
  • A Level in a STEM* subject and successful completion of our Aptitude Test, or
  • BTEC Diploma in IT and successful completion of our Aptitude Test, or
  • 2 years experience in a relevant role and successful completion of our Aptitude Test

*STEM within the Technology and Maths fields only.

By completing the DevOps Engineer Level 4 apprenticeship, learners will earn the following qualifications:

Level 4 DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer Level 4 (England) Key Facts
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