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Data Analyst Level 4 Apprenticeship Programme (England)

Our Data Analyst Level 4 apprenticeship develops people to collect, organise and study data to provide business insight. It prepares learners to work across a variety of projects, providing technical data solutions to a range of stakeholders and customers.

Our programme is completely unique, delivered through a leading-edge, innovative approach to challenge-based learning.

This Data Analyst apprenticeship programme is developed using the latest research into effective learning and practical application of skills. Providing a flexible learning journey using online learning, practical exercises, video content, coaching and workshops to enable accelerated and proficient skills development. This apprenticeship programme offers the opportunity for learners to manage learning amongst their other priorities.

Course Prerequisites

Entry requirements:

  • Level 3 Qualification in ICT or a similar subject + at-least 12 months of work experience* & Robust On-boarding plan (learner must work in the organisation for 3 months before sign up)
  • OR 2x A Levels (including Maths or ICT)
  • OR Non Business related Degree + at-least 6 months of work experience*
  • OR Existing Staff member with 2+ years of work experience**


  • GCSE English and Maths at grade 4 (C) or above
  • Learners should not be entered for a qualification of the same type, content and level as that of a qualification they already hold.

*Work experience relates to any valid work experience

**Existing staff work experience should not be in Data Analyst role. The minimum of 2 years must include working in an environment that requires some kind of analysis. This would include creation of reports and usage of spreadsheets. Career changers would be coming in from diverse experience backgrounds. The candidate should typically be keen on working with numbers, processing and articulating data and information.

To determine whether this programme is suitable for learners you must be able to answer “yes” to the following questions:

  • Are they in a full time Data Analyst role (or another similar role as listed in the overview section? (Data analysis must be their full-time role, not just part of their responsibilities).
  • Will they be using multiple data analysis tools, not just limited to spreadsheets/Excel?
  • Will they be using data visualisation tools to present data?
  • Will they be collecting and compiling data from different sources – e.g. databases, spreadsheets and reports?
  • Will they process, cleanse, analyse (including statistical analysis) and present data on a regular basis?
  • Will they be running ad-hoc and standard data analysis reports and working on/assisting with performance dashboards in their role?
  • Would data mining and forecasting be an integral part of their role?
  • Will they be working on and processing large amounts of data on a regular basis?
  • Are they comfortable looking at detailed and complex information?
  • Do they have strong English and maths skills?

Minimum software requirements:

  • Tableau Public – download here – current version 2021.1.x
  • Power BI Desktop – download here – current version 2.x
  • UMLet (free VISIO alternative) – download here - current version 14.3.
  • SQL Server– download here – current version 2019 Express Edition
  • SQL Server Management Studio – download here – current version 18.x
  • Visual Studio Community Edition – download here – The Python and R options should be added
  • The latest Python – download here

All the above software is compulsory. Please ensure that it has been installed, and is ready for the learner, ahead of their first day on-programme.

Data Analyst Level 4 Apprenticeship Programme (England) Key Facts
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