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Cyber Security Engineer Level 4

Our exclusive partnership with Circadence Corporation, the pioneer of the hands-on, gamified learning platform Project Ares®, allows us to uniquely incorporate hands-on scenario training into our cyber security apprenticeship, helping our cyber apprentices quickly build skills, knowledge and confidence in the cyber security disciplines needed to defend against hackers.

As the only UK training provider to use Project Ares in its cyber security training; the platform is a totally immersive experience, using automated features to support skills adoption with an in-game advisor ‘Athena’ who advises our players through the scenario-based challenges. With automated adversaries responding to players for added challenge.

This provides our apprentices with a scenario-based, gamified learning tool that drives high levels of engagement through leaderboards and badges, elements used widely in the gaming world. The platform scenarios also replicate the unpredictability and escalating levels of complexity that cyber attacks can present, allowing the learner to develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills in a safe, but realistic environment.

Within this extended practice environment, we provide a safe place to apply all of the acquired skills throughout the programme, with added scoring of players and opponent actions with replay for objective assessment. Ultimately actions culminate to inform models on best tactics for scenarios with instructor orchestration and observation.

The gamified learning Project Ares offers keeps the participant engaged and excited about continuous training, helping them see the true value of their capabilities.

Hands-on training and active-learning models increase retention rates by 75 percent, so our cyber apprentices can prepare for real-world challenges.

Other benefits of gamified learning include:

  • Increased engagement, sense of control and self-efficacy
  • Adoption of new initiatives
  • Increased satisfaction with internal communication
  • Development of personal and organisational capabilities and resources
  • Increased personal satisfaction and employee retention
  • Enhanced productivity, monitoring, and decision making

It works by enabling learners to apply what they know to simulated environments or “worlds,” creating a natural flow that keeps learners engaged and focused in competitive, strategic situations.

Cyber Security Engineers apply an understanding of cyber threats, hazards, risks, controls, measures and mitigations to protect organisations systems and people.

Those focused on the Cyber Security Engineer role will typically design, build and test secure networks or security products or systems with a particular focus on the security aspects of the design.

Cyber Security Engineers need:

  • Strong analytical skills
  • A methodical, step-by-step approach to resolving issues
  • Business skills like effective communication, teamwork and task/time management
  • The adaptability to do a range of work—sometimes complex and non-routine—in different environments
  • The ability to work under direction, use discretion and determine when to escalate issues

Course Prerequisites

Job roles this programme is a great match for:

  • Cyber Security Engineer
  • Cyber Security Consultant
  • Cyber Security Analyst
  • Cyber Security Specialist
  • IT Security Technician
  • Embedded Engineer

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